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April 02 2013


EDIT: This looks really dark and unsaturated on my desktop, but fine on my Mac. Is anybody else having that issue?

Had a rather strange dream the other night involving a genetically engineered Hulk that my friend dubbed ‘Mousey!Hulk’ because he is in fact just an oversized 11 year old. Meet MHPS1-B, or ‘Samson’ [yes, as in the Biblical Samson].

Due to a cocktail of genetic engineering and anabolic steroids combined with extensive military training and testing, Sam here is a bit of a mess mentally and physically. The most noticeable one would be his ridiculously out of proportion physique [it is more out of proportion when you see his full body, but I haven’t got around to cleaning the sketches of it yet], then his acromegaly, followed by hyperpigmentation.

Somewhere, some place, a geneticist is crying and this is why.

I think I was a bit too conservative on his anatomy, he really should be a lot bulkier…

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