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April 01 2013


Zombies, Run! Playlist: A Response

A response to Prussan's "Serendipitously Ironic Songs on  my Zombies, Run! Playlist" post.

Whilst the majority of my Z,R! playlist is composed of electronic instrumentals of the Daft Punk nature, there are a few gems I chose for predominant and consistent beats that make good running paces, as well as rather suitable lyrics.

Foremost among them:

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

"I'm waking up to ash and dust,

I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust.

I'm breathing in the chemicals.

I'm breaking in,

I'm shaping up,

Them checking out of the prison bus.

This is it,

The Apocalypse.

I'm waking up!

I fell it in my bones,

Enough to make my system go:

Welcome to the new age.

I'm radioactive.


I raise my flag, don my clothes,

It's a revolution I suppose.

We're painted red to fit right in.

All systems go.

The sun hasn't died.

Deep in my bones, straight from inside."

Though I chose this song for its post-Apocalyptic inference and strong, constant beat, it was played as the first song after the heilo was taken down. Thusly it made the context of Runner 5 waking up after undoubtedly being knocked unconscious on impact very enjoyable and greatly enhanced my introduction to the program.

Moreover, the underlying theme of a revolution reinforces the subconscious tensions hovering on the peripherals of the story. Additionally the lyrics of the bridge [final three in the quote] are great when Sam pipes up about the horde that appears out of nowhere.


Woodkid- Iron [Mystery Jets Remix]

"A million miles from home, I'm walking ahead,

I'm frozen to the bones.

I am a soldier on my own,

I don't know the way.

I'm running at the height of shame.

I'm waiting for the call,

The end of the chase.

I'm ready for the fight and fate.


From the dawn of time to the end of days,

I will have to run away.

I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste

Of the blood on my lips again.


The steady of burst of snow is burning my hands,

I'm frozen to bones.

I am a million miles from home,

I'm walking away.

I can't remind your eyes,

Your face."

Whilst the original Iron is gorgeous and driving on its own, I needed the zest given to the remix by the electronic overtones and the fantastic build towards the latter part of the song. It has a real sense of someone hauling endlessly through some kind of turmoil, physical or otherwise, and in the middle of a rather fast pack of zoms it gives one a rather dogged determination to keep going!

 Once more the lyrics have a slightly post-apocalyptic feel of a survivor lost alone in a wasteland which is exactly what Runner 5 becomes once you leave the gates. Aside from Sam in your ear or the fleeting encounters with mysterious outsiders, you are alone.


Nina Simone- Sinnerman [Felix Da Housecat's Remix]

"Oh sinnerman, where you gonna run to?

Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?


I said 'Rock! What's the matter with you Rock?

Don't you see I need you rock!

Lord! Lord! Lord!' All long that day."

Obvious connection is very obvious. Running from word go! And a very prevalent and persevering beat, perfect for those long trips out to the butt end of nowhere just for some pencil pusher's forgotten briefcase. The original is very connected to a Christian context with the rock in reference being of course the Lord, who is also referred to as a river and an ocean. Then finally the 'sinnerman' runs to the Devil himself.

When the original was still on my playlist [13 minutes of it was not quite energizing enough to be kept] I had just come into range of Abel after a mission of questionable intent and upon passing through the gates I was left to wonder if it was the Devil Runner 5 was returning to? Furthermore, aside from the hero status and pampering Runners receive, why run at all? Do Runners search for some kind of redemption on their missions?


The Potbelleez- Don't Hold Back

"Don't hold back.

Is there anybody out there

Feeling something?

Engage me.

Let me breathe the courage your actions.

Don't hold back,

Make it before the- good [?]


The truth is:

I am not your cure, but I can help you

Find a way to reconcile the dark.


You're chasing the slow motion belief that you are dreaming,

And running from the things that make you feel."

This song follows Sinnerman, perhaps subconsciously my attempt and answering the questions within it. The first lines echo Sam's plantiative inquiry at the very start of the missions and then urges you throughout the rest of your Runner 5 career. The beat and occasional swing of the music is good to keep one's pace rolling as well. You really don't want to hold anything back when being chased by zoms!


Notable mentions that lack appropriate lyrics but are ruddy fantastic for keeping you running when the horde comes calling:


Cryptex- The Walking Dead [Cryptex Reglitch]

The title and it's related series won this one a ticket straight to my playlist. Then there's Cryptex's fantastic reglitch of the song that is guaranteed to make you step out. There are a few well placed moments where the music pauses and leaves you hanging with naught but your own breaths, pace and pulse [not to mention the moans and groans of the zombies on your heels] then swoops back in with all the ferocity of a Peregrine in the stoop- it's quite flooring mid-chase. Additionally it has an excellent gunslinger vibe!

TRON: Legacy Reconfigured

Am I allowed to put an entire album on here? Well 85-90% of this album is on my 'list. Whilst I wasn't overly partial to the remixes in the context of Daft Punk's masterpiece soundtrack [which also features rather heavily on the 'list], it's good for jogging.

Bloody Beetroots- Warp 1.9

I think this is probably a rather guilty indulgence of mine. This song features on all of my action playlists, zombies or non.

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